Spring by Peter Marshall

Spring Rosehip remains upon the rambling bush, shriveled seeds in soil, gradual warmth awaits. Blackbird uses beak, breaks morsel to mush.  Gaggle of geese glide, noise reverberates.  ` Hazy heaps of cloud upon horizon far, bare big enough to view of blue sky mar. Crocus colours show, crinkled shriveled head, whilst daffodils delight and glow … Continue reading Spring by Peter Marshall

Seasonal Impression

Seasonal Impression Find meinhaling the smoke of summer dreamsblown in from somewhere far afieldbreathe deepexhaledeliberatelyobserving the mountains of ashdust on the peripheryrecently undisturbedfrom the beasts ever lessening visitsonce, they were ravenousa force unboundnow bound by forceconsummately conqueredintravenously consumedtamedwith cold inattention Find meimmovable, unmovingas artificial flowers in springcopy of a copy of a copy ofadelusion of heartwhere … Continue reading Seasonal Impression