AWOL Week #18 Responses

Exercise: Write a piece responding to an excerpt from Finnegan’s Wake by James Joyce.



Thumptrilly, or Fields of Daisies by Peter Marshall

Thumptrilly, or Fields of Daisies

When at last the thumptrilly fell flighterned through the sky

she had the notion it would end up in my peach pie.

Quite where that idea came from, I’m really not too sure

for I have made my life’s work to quilly-wings ignore. 

Though as I skipped in triangles on my left big toes

some skin changed colour from blanchermange to verdant rose.

And the telephone book harrumphed a cryptic message,

to crease back the inner corner in full languid rage. 


That green galuptelle fluned past misty fields of daisies

whilst I chase with my fishnet stuffed by random phrases.

The raven chirp the rockworm makes to blue puddle cloud

is nothing short but spaghetti stretch to do me proud. 

This wicker carpet screwed high upon the scone-built wall,

loud screamed a whisper that tomorrow the moon shall call.


Skirled ruckus in quiet bookshop of busy dog-toy squeak

scarce overwhelms the folly of those who chant to speak.

This clack and that plock of discordant dandelion clock

puts pace in my step as I skip backwards round the block.


I’m really not too sure when last the thumptrilly fell

but have the raggled notion they will fracture the spell.

Fields of Daisies, or Thumptrilly

2020 07 17   Peter Marshall

Misty field of daisies



High Seat on Stone Bus by Kathy Low

“………now ere the compline hour, softing nightfall”  by the gentl  lifter-laughter chatter of the glennyburn

I look down  past the old meetmeatSundown Rowany, she bluid reddy and boil roil make jelly berrys and see

you Arianwen tenderlyheart song sing of symbolly pictures of smally warningnesses forbode forbad forbid foresee, 

you steal stealthy looksee,  I see from high seat on stone bus, petrified wild excitement me and shadow belongside me

shout silent loud of benignish deceptionness perceived as the Goldie Goldie Caramel Sweetie, forbidden, this  nononot, 

but so….Take This And Eat…and taste on my mouthmind of sublimity laughness and a lightenwise saw the unvealment of

all wisdom and comprehensive godment and onement being Namèd and ringy clatter colour Gold filling the firmament and

then sudden smacklike cracklike,  the thick sooty charrywood taste, teethygrittyful and mindbreakment soulsick,  oh,

verily know but, to not know be PowerfulWisement..(that Wisement, oh mercy me!) and the lessingment of all is the way, for

the rivers, beasts of waterlandair and the allknowingness is overmuch burdenment for one, but to share and to carryment

of peoplekind is spiritness and the flowerly meadows, the touch of anoth-erone and all, is singingly  dancing and 

cabbagy garlicness soupbowly nourish for all to partake-share and to LaughLove, after the compline hour….


Kathy Low



My still weak heart (a letter to a new born)   by Jodi Glass

My still weak heart (a letter to a new born) 


Since Christmas day, I loved you, it was a case of instant love

ten tiny toes, and ten tiny fingers.

I craved your pictures with your closed eyes

your pure perfection, the happy tears I cried, shows


I never thought possible, I would love so much.

I am your mad auntie, who will give you books

protect you and love you. as much as I love

your big sisters, I love you.


Cuddles will come, when I am not scared to break you

and when you turn three, to the beach we will go.

Only three days old and you have been here forever.


Welcome little one, with love your mad auntie xxx


Jodi Glass



Sirius by elisheva katz


Everywhere I went , no matter where in the world I rested my head, you were there. High up in the night sky, the brightest star of them all and I was in love with you, Sirius, I was in love with you.


Everywhere the winds howled, every storm that erupted the waves of the sea, my spirit would be there dancing in the chaos of it all. You said to me you loved me, Sirius, you said to me you loved me.


You took my wildness and danced with me in the darkest of nights and I in return loved you at your darkest. We were two shooting stars, lovers interwoven into each other’s dreams. But somehow those dreams died, just like you said they would, and so fading lights we became. 


Until there was nothing. 


Written by elisheva katz

July 19th 2020




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