Week #16 Highlighted writer of the week is Lotty with ‘Conversation with Yourself’

The piece of writing which stood out for me last week was Victoria’s ‘Conversation with Yourself’. I enjoyed it so much not for the sweary words and sheer vivacity of it, but because there’s an important message in it – if you want love, you need to love yourself. It’s funny that we rarely treat ourselves with the respect and gentleness and love that we offer others. I’m grateful to Victoria for reminding me how important that is. Well done, Victoria!

Conversation with Yourself 

Tell me something, when you write these poems about finding love one thing you have never said enough is how much you love yourself, because if you don’t know your own self-worth when you do eventually  meet that special girl  what wonderful rare treasure can  she be expected to find if you don’t make peace with who you are in your mind?


This is a question I have longed for an answer to. Instead, you write poems and lyrics about fucking assholes and dicks who make you feel blue and in the rubble and the ashes you’re always asking what can I do to get more chances with them.


So make peace, also love yourself in your mind and then I guarantee that special woman you will find.

Lotty 6th July  2020



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