Highlighted Writer for Week #18 is Jodie Glass with ‘My still weak heart (a letter to a new born)’

Our Highlighted Writer for the week is Jodie Glass for her moving poem to her new nephew titled ‘My still weak heart’. It’s the sort of poem that will be treasured by the family for years to come. I particularly enjoyed the way she totally ignored my instructions on what to write and did her own thing. I love it when the writers take control of the exercise and tell me to get on my bike! Great work, Jodie!

My still weak heart (a letter to a new born)

My still weak heart (a letter to a new born)


Since Christmas day, I loved you, it was a case of instant love

ten tiny toes, and ten tiny fingers.

I craved your pictures with your closed eyes

your pure perfection, the happy tears I cried, shows


I never thought possible, I would love so much.

I am your mad auntie, who will give you books

protect you and love you. as much as I love

your big sisters, I love you.


Cuddles will come, when I am not scared to break you

and when you turn three, to the beach we will go.

Only three days old and you have been here forever.


Welcome little one, with love your mad auntie xxx


Jodi Glass



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