Seasonal Impression

Seasonal Impression
Find me
inhaling the smoke of summer dreams
blown in from somewhere far afield
breathe deep
observing the mountains of ash
dust on the periphery
recently undisturbed
from the beasts ever lessening visits
once, they were ravenous
a force unbound
now bound by force
consummately conquered
intravenously consumed
with cold inattention

Find me
immovable, unmoving
as artificial flowers in spring
copy of a copy of a copy of
delusion of heart
where wistful winds
erase the path once tread
breathe deep
the ghost of slanted seasons
here, in the autumn of all things
where the dead come to rest
you’ll find me
 and still

Invisible War by Elisheva Katz

Invisible war

In the darkness of the day

She prayed the plague would not remain.

Refused; did she to give into fear.

A victim of the invisible war she would not be.

Although the enemy went about unseen

He would not have the victory

For too many dreams had she in her heart

And the birds were still singing their beautiful songs.

That was enough for her to keep fighting on.

Written by Elisheva Katz

March 20th 2020

Lying Back by Lottie

Lying back in her chair, straight away she floats on a cloud powered by air 

taking her who knows where, but at this moment in time she  does not care  

as long as one can get OUT – far away from the sudden panic and over all fear. 

She is determined this modern day plague will not come hither, near her.


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