Week 1 Highlighted Writer is Maggie Campsey for ‘Now Save the World’

Now Save the World

I will see the beautiful sky celebrating the world where we live,

Where man has tramples his mark where ever he goes,

So that his influence blocks the rays of the sun masking the sky.

An optimistic mind may see the reality here,

As the world and man exist on a fine line,

Between the proverbial rock and the hard place.


This is the present where climate changes are mostly ignore,

By major powers who refuse to change,

As influential countries try their hardest,

Using renewable energies.

The world has become a smaller place,

Where borders cannot save us.


A virus spreads indiscriminately country to country,

Where governments, world wide close their borders,

And inhabitance close their doors as ordered,

Streets, people less, automobile less as animals explore,

Where they have not been seen before,

And the silence deafening inside and out.  


We have all learnt to wash our hands to a song,

For children to understand,

But husbands, mothers, sons, daughters and the elderly,

The virus does not discriminate,

As young and old died just the same,

Each family potentially suffering a loss.


The future is unwritten and we can make a difference,

We always have an expectation to better our ways,

As we clinging to anticipation and what we have,

Is a desire for the future to be more thoughtful,

More healthier, where we learn from this pandemic,

So we act quicker to save more of us.


Now, save the world.

Maggie Campsey

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