Highlighted Writer for Week 14

The AWOL Highlighted Writer of the Week this week is Elisheva for her wonderful poem ‘It’s Not about the Night’, which is compelling, honest and so relevant to the times we’re living through. For me, the most important part of the poem was its ending, where she encourages us all that we have a purpose and a significance in life. So true, and so forgotten sometimes! Very well done, Elisheva.

It’s Not About The Night   by elisheva katz

It’s Not About The Night 


And even now 


Even now when winter skies are splintered grey on a summer’s day, I can still feel the dread of the silent paralysis of all those years ago, as you killed me ten million times, with your double forked serpent’s tongue of Venom. It was not the first time I had been killed this way, and no doubt there are many more dying such a death as this.


Always did you push me into the night, until the night I became. Stole my light did you, and without my light I grew ever weaker, lost in the depths of loneliness. This is how I lived for so very long, that I had forgotten what it was to feel the warmth of the sun upon my skin. But never again will I let you put out my light. With my last breath that leaves my body, I will not depart from this world beaten down, I will leave with wings of iron steel flying into a beauty never ending. For my light will not be hidden by your hate and envy. This light within me will be shining long after yours has faded.


Don’t you know! Did nobody ever tell you!


It is a sin to hide your light

But it is a bigger sin to hide someone else’s light


We all have a purpose in life, every life is significant, every life matters


Every life deserves to live


Written by elisheva katz

June 20th 2020


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