Highlighted Writer for Week 10 is ‘Jodi Glass’ with ’81 Years Old’

Our Highlighted Writer of the Week this week is ‘Jodi Glass’ for her evocative poem ’81 Years Old’ which cleverly links Anderson Shelters, those garden relics of World War II with the current pandemic crisis, but ending with the classic slogan from the War which is as important now as it was then: Keep Calm and Carry On.

Just the sort of positive, reassuring writing we need today! Well done, Jodi!

81 Years Old   by Jodi Glass

81 Years Old

81 Years Old   by Jodi Glass

Nearly a century on, the scars still exist, metal mixes with mood

but the discoloured blue metal, draws the eye

the wood caved under 50mph winds


Anderson shelters that protected 81 years ago, are concrete levelled sheds

protecting what is somewhat precious under lock and key

wooden sheds with water proof lids, couldn’t compare.


What was meant to be temporary, are reused, refusing to bow to the winds

not all that is new will, will win out. Strength can.


Keep calm and carry on,

there is light at the end of the tunnel.


Jodi Glass


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