AWOL Highlighted Writer Week #8 – The Lure by V. Rivers

Our Highlighted Writer of the Week is ‘V. Rivers’ for their enigmatic and playful poem ’The Lure’ which deftly and obliquely references the topic of Silence. Silence is magically transformed into silk, and there’s even a sidelong nod to that Marshmello video in there. But most of all I enjoy this poem for the way it relishes and enriches language and wordplay – great work and well done!

The Lure   by V. Rivers

The Lure  

Silk’s a stolen thing.

A fig devoured before it yields to leaf litter

a blue tit beak dipped in doorstep milk.


And this lure has a cream to it.

Silken on skin– but

the hard edge of silk.


Is this offering an unguent

to silkenside quartzite

or a call to rub against the nap?


Melt into this marshmallow root

and we voyage

down the throat of an orchid.

V. Rivers

28 Seconds of Silence

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