Highlighted Writer #3 – Kathy Low

Highlighted Writer #3 – Kathy Low

I really enjoy the way Kathy spreads her words across the page, so the eye is constantly moving from sense to sense, following the thread of the poem. There are huge perspectives of ocean and horizon, which contrast brilliantly with that quiet, interior, candelit ending.


Fragments of Water.




                              under the surface, deceptive calm,

                              the treachery of the long forgotten.

                              A squall may engender a stirring of silt.

                              Beware of what may surface.




                              iron clouds close down the day.

                              The air fizzles with skin crawling energy.

                              Deafening light fills my being

                              and unleashes curtains of water cascading and battering

                              and the dying bird at my feet.




                              The pale ocean stretches to the perfect circle of the horizon

                              a thousand miles from land.

                                   And there!


                                            and again….

                               Who knew the truth could be so wondrous?

                               Fish are gliding, glistening, 





                              hold the candle.

                              Thick silence behind his words.

                              Sweet oil on skin, soft intake of breath.

                              Attentiveness and wandering thoughts mingle 

                                                                                                  in the stale incense. 

                             A sudden cry as chill water awakens.

                                 Ego te baptizo in nomine Patris.


Kathy Low


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