Art Angel Writers Online Week 2 27th March

There is Light Somewhere.

The suggestion from John Glenday for this week was to write something – either prose or poem – with the draft title ‘There is Light Somewhere’.

You can read the Charles Bukowski poem ‘The Laughing Heart’ to help you get started, and, if you can, listen to him reading it at

This poem is about coping when the going is tough, and about how there is always something positive up ahead, if only we can find it.

Your writing must include the words ‘heart’ ‘light’ ‘marvellous’ and one other, picked from the poem. Once you’ve finished, you could change the title. 

AWOL2 writings are all shown below, in random order:


There is Light Somewhere by Anon

There is Light Somewhere

my life is your life
it was never mine.

omission of submission
leaves no way out.
what’s an offer of forgiveness
to a promise of betrayal?
a lost shepherd leading the blind.
under a loaded sky
someone sang
“there is a light and it never goes out”
a marvellous truth that
has taken my heart.
there is light somewhere
but not in my eyes.
heaven can wait.
the gods will have to delight in themselves
a little longer.


Be the Light by Jodi Glass

Be the Light

Be the light, every time you see a new 8am

sunshine is welcoming you to a new day.

Every heartbeat is one closer to the nicer, hopeful world.


Be the light, every time nature wins

every time people do the right thing, notice it, rejoice in it.

In 20 years’ time, when the children have grown

they will say thank you and thank you again.


There is light somewhere in every darkness: pale light

leading the way, giving strength,

guiding even the most invisible

clocks may be ignored, but the time right now is not wasted.


Be the light somewhere, it is just waiting to be found.

Climb out of the duvet, raid the snack cupboard.

Have a film fest or grab a neighbour’s shopping along with your own.


Set up a closie food basket, where everyone can swap food for food.


Be the light, reach out, coronavirus is temporary

but community is not.

Be the light, light a light, and follow the lights.

Marvellous things can happen, just strike the match.

Delight in being the light. 

Jodi Glass

Love Escalating by Maggie Campsey

Love Escalating

Picture this: 

A Light is on within our hearts,

Where love roams freely,

Feeding our emotional needs,

Where the darkness stands,

Outside our mortal soul,

Dwelling on negative thoughts,

Those thoughts ringing louder than the rest,

Singing of depression, anxiety,

And the chorus’s from within join in,

Then we are left with the forbidden thought.


So belief is the experience we need to focus on, 

It gives us the strength, 

Even courage and determination,

To carry us through our life,

Shaking off the forbidding thought,

Without our walls falling down around us,

It can give or shatter your life,

We then grab what makes us stronger,

Makes us stand out against others,

It’s that that love we all cherish much richer,

In being human.


Love is a powerful tool,

It quashes the darkness,

That chips away at our souls,

So we can sing from our hearts,

Singing of the overwhelming feelings we know well,

Where the good day will outnumber the bad,

Where we stand diligent,

While the marvellous closeness seeps through into our hearts,

To whatever you believe in,

Hold it closer than ever before,

Especially in today’s climate.

Maggie Campsey

There is light somewhere… by Barry

There is light somewhere…

Not under the stone

Not under the bed. 

A marvellous shimmer

Brings life from the dread.


Heart beats autonomously

Whilst battered and beat. 

Like hundreds of miles 

On rough shodden feet. 


With hibernated waiting. 

We’ll beckon the light. 

With tentative steps. 

With smiles well prepared. 

With freedom and hunger. 

With ours and yours and theirs. 

As we open our eyes and doors and delight. 

In all that remains. 


Inner Light by Kathy

Inner Light

My muse has retreated


There is always light.

The cells of our bodies,

in their intricate biochemistry

emit photons here and there.


    We generate inner light

      literally as well as metaphorically.

       I am illuminated.


Delight by Peter Marshall


Life, my life, 

mission to smile. 

Watch on! 

Way out! 

Some light! 

Much light.  


Chance beat. 

Take light. 

Marvellous life. 


Time beat. 

Heart beat. 

Time beat. 


Do more.  

It will be! 

My life. 


Youth gone. 

Time gone, 

but I open my eyes 

to marvellous delights. 

Peter Marshall 2020 03 28

beautiful blue-eyed woman by Lotty

beautiful blue-eyed woman 

i know that i’ve totally blown my chance with you and there is nothing I can do but wish you happiness and enjoyment in your life; sorry if I caused you any strife; a beautiful girl like you deserves someone who is her equal and when you don’t reply  straight away  does not freak out and  act like a psycho   so before I forced myself to stop thinking of you sweetheart  i kneel down to make one last request that is: I long to apologise to you and then I I don’t mind if you want me in the friendzone or altogether leave you alone my beautiful blue eyed woman.

Lotty August 28th 2019

A Story Of Our Times by Elisheva Katz

A Story Of Our Times

Man said to wolf:

I am not you

You are not me

My life is not your life

Your life is not my life

My dreams of fame you do not care for

Your dreams I have never noticed


Wolf said to man:

But in these times of nightmares

Together in the darkness we find ourselves

facing the same invisible enemy

We are brought together by war

I cannot survive without you

You cannot survive without me


Man said to wolf:

Will we ever see the light again 


Wolf said to man:

Yes I do believe so 

Though not the same light as before

This light will be brighter and more beautiful

Only Before that day comes

We must learn to love others more than ourselves

Written by elisheva katz

March 30th 2020

Breathe in the Now by Helen McGinnis

Breathe in the Now

The light is in the cells that divide. They collide into life, a spasm, a spark that shoots through the dark.  An arrow with a pinpoint beacon; a mission to stay alive.

The marvellous thing about thought, once unleashed however softly, the heart and mind receive it like a new blossom.  

Whatever may come is coming; meet it with your life, breathe in the now, so your heart beats into the future.

Helen McGinnis

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