In the night hour,

when daylight is already a dream past

and folk with sensibilities stay aslumber,

whilst the cool light of filling moon

is my sole waking companion,

thoughts stray to you.

I wonder if, like me, your dreams

did turn to moments shared,

where sunshine glowed upon our faces

and we did know the certainty of friendship.

Moments that will never turn to dust.

Days are moments and moments hold forever.

Time weaves strong cloth into tapestry

through our harmony

and accepts reason for our existence.

We stop to listen a second

and talk freely for hours.

Trust is slow built, easily shattered,

as potter’s hands with clay.

With friendship true, we should accept

whatever’s been before

and not neglect to care and chat

when life’s storm waves

do break upon a rocky shore.

With founding on respect

let years go by

for friendship to endure

and grow.

And many moments more.

2019 08 18     Peter

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