Waiting, breathless for that fleeting glimpse 
 when gasping, lungs are filled. 
 Waiting for the sight of pod 
 breaking through from their world 
 into mine. 
 Glistening waters rolling, 
 sliding from strong arcing backs 
 as dolphins scythe from sea to air 
 with mirrored film as liquid coat, 
 Smoothly synchronised frolic 
 amongst the unfettered Tay. 
 Time stands transfixed, momentary view, 
 when family unbidden, united emerge 
 in graceful vision. 
 Suddenly, alongside ‘Missel Thrush’, 
 gliding, touching-close, as if to feel 
 the thrum of engine beat 
 yet boast of water mastered, 
 cherished memory born. 
 2019 08 27       Peter 

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