Botanic Gardens

Botanic Gardens

Wagtail dipping with great charm,
across the lawn, gives no alarm.
From bosom of a thorny bush,
sweet robin pleads for us to hush.

Step on the grass,
break rules, alas.
Explore the holes in ancient tree,
imagine fairies with great glee.

We felt warm bark
around the park,
and smelt the leaves
from vibrant sheaves.

And all as while
with sound and smile,
to take me from my glum
by cheery impact overcome.

It’s my fault
my tongue was caught.
Sometimes that’s the way I am,
with words stuck in behind a dam.

The babble of stream,
it made me dream
of happy laughs
along those paths.

Cool fresh shade
in tranquil glade,
with flowers around
that did astound.

In the children’s playpark,
having quite a lark.
Hop from plank to trunk,
being just a punk.

Oh! Happy time
when feelings chime.
Oft to repeat
next we should meet.

2019 08 02    Peter

‘The Writers’ made an inspiring invasion into Dundee Botanic Gardens on 26th July.

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